Adidas was founded in 1949 and has a history of 70 years. Nowadays it has spread all over the world and has become one of the most famous sports shoes series.Clover has become a symbol of Adidas since 1972, when all Adidas products used this symbol. The clover's shape resembles that of the earth's three-dimensional plane. It resembles a map of the world. It symbolizes the extension of three stripes to the world.

Adidas currently has three series: sports performance series (Three Stripes), sports traditional series of originals (Clover) and sports fashion series neo (Ball type LOGO).

Adidas's three logos correspond to the adidas classic series. The logo corresponds to the clover logo. The logo corresponding to the adidas sports fashion series is a round half-packed three-barrel logo. The logo corresponding to the adidas sports performance series is ours. The most common three-stripe logo in Adidas stores.

Our company currently mainly deals in various shoes for Adidas. Here you can find things like basketball shoes, running shoes, training shoes, rugby shoes, casual shoes, etc. We promise to guarantee the quality of any shoes, and free shipping to anywhere in the world over $85.

Our Slogan: Our passion for sports makes the world more peaceful.
Our Attitude: "Impossible is nothing" & "Adidas is all in".
Our Mission:"to become the sports brand that leads the world".
Brand core values: Honest, Trustworthy, Responsible; Inspiring;Developing Innovative, Sincere,Frank and Experienced.